Automation release / automation schedule


i want schedule automation release . if any build happened in Jenkins so octopus should trigger release.
kindly suggest the any plugins or steps .


Hi bhushan,

Thanks for getting in touch! We have a fantastic documentation page that covers everything you need to build, publish and create a release in Octopus from Jenkins. The documentation has well outlined steps and screenshots that show you what needs to be configured. Here is the link:

Once you have successfully created your build and then packaged it using OctoPack, you will need to publish the NuGet packages to the Octopus Deploy server using Octo.exe.

For detailed information on using OctoPack, you can see the following documentation page.

If you would like more information on Octo.exe and the commands you can use with it, you can refer to the following documentation page:

To Download/Install Octo.exe and OctoPack, please check the following links.
(Octo.exe Command Line)

The first documentation page I link to about Jenkins covers everything you need to get your Jenkins deployment automated. If you have any further questions or run into any issues, please don’t hesitate to let me know.

For information specifically relating to scheduling your release from inside Jenkins, there is a feature that lets you schedule your build, assuming everything above is correctly configured, the scheduled build will package, publish and create a release.

Best regards,

HI Daniel

Thanks for reply

I did not get solution in step as mention in appended mail .
Now my is environment is manual.

  1.   First I am doing manual build from Jenkins that build create .nupkg package in build from Jenkins .
  2.   I set the deployment environment in octopus so once build done from Jenkins Then I am doing manual create release in octopus .

This manual create release I want automation means if any build happened from Jenkins octopus should trigger create release automatic .

Kindly suggest for the same


Hi Bhushan,

Thanks for getting back. Your initial email was a little short on details so I mostly assumed what you were after. The Jenkins documentation that I linked you to in the previous email has instructions on how to set up Jenkins to automatically create a release and deploy with Octopus.

This part of the Jenkins documentation talks about automatically creating a release

And this part of the Jenkins documentation talks about deploying that release.

The documentation above highlights the Octo.exe Create-release command in Jenkins that enables you to automatically trigger release creation and deployment after the build has finished.

Such as the folloinwg:

"C:\Tools\Octo\Octo.exe" create-release --project OctoFX --version 1.1.%BUILD_NUMBER% --packageversion 1.1.%BUILD_NUMBER% --server http://localhost/ --apiKey %OctopusApiKey% --releaseNotes "Jenkins build [%BUILD_NUMBER%](http://localhost:8054/job/OctoFX/%BUILD_NUMBER%)/"

Please let me know if that helps answer your question.

Best regards,