Automatically Fail an Octopus step if it runs for a particular duration

Hello Octopus admins,

I am using a Powershell script in an Octopus step which runs for a long time. I want to automatically fail/terminate the step if the script runs for more than 10 minutes.
( Its not possible through the Powershell script in a way which I need). Could you please suggest if there are any settings at the Octopus project/step level where I can set a timeout for the particular step if it runs for more than the specified duration?

Hi Sohil,

Thanks for getting in touch,

At this stage, there doesn’t exist a feature within Octopus to set a custom timeout for individual steps or the process overall, as you’ve highlighted.

I have, however, found an existing User Voice request which I’ve linked here. I’d recommend heading over and leaving your vote on this request as we consider all User Voices when planning our roadmap based on community support.

I’m sorry if this wasn’t the answer you were hoping for in this scenario.

If you require any assistance moving forward, please let me know :slight_smile:

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Thanks Reece, I see the Uservoice request was raised nearly a year ago, wondering if it would be considered for implementation in the future upgrades :thinking:
Please let me know if we can have a quick temporary workaround for it.

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