Automatic update of Azure API Management post deployment

I am searching for a way of automating the update of Azure API Management definitions/functions when we deploy from octopus to azure appservice.

Currently we deploy a new release of an API site to app service, then manually take its definition json (open API, from swagger) and Import that json over the top of the matching API in Azure API management. At that point any new functions in the API are added to Az API management and generally available to its users.

Done a lot of googling and can see some features in Azure DevOps/VS to do this but nothing so far in Octopus. We cant use DevOps to do it as our releases are all deployed by Octopus and we definitley dont want to break that model!

Any help much appreciated!

Hey James, welcome to the forum!

Want to make sure I understand what your scenario is and ask a couple of questions:

  • You deploy your site to an Azure App Service target
  • Your app defines its API via OpenAPI, which is consumed by Swagger
  • You import that OpenAPI JSON to your Azure APIM instance, which updates the definitions there with your latest defined by your application

A couple of questions:

  1. Is the above correct? Want to make sure I’m not missing anything.
  2. Are either of these deployments/updates via ARM? Or is it package deployments (App Service) and GUI manipulation (Azure APIM)?

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