Automatic Release Creation seems not creating releases for older package version


I’ve set up my project to automatically create releases. However it seems that when I push package which version is less than the maximum version in the feed, release is not created. For example, I have packages with versions 9.2, 10.0 and 10.1.

First, I push 9.2, release is created. Second, I push 10.1, release is created. Then, I push 10.0 and release is not created. Configuration -> Diagnostics doesn’t show any relevant message.

I’m using 3.3.1. Please advise.

Hi Andrey,

Thanks for reaching out

By design, Octopus won’t create a new release using ARC if you push an older version of the package. That said, we discussed this with the team given that it has been asked before, and we agreed on revisiting the ARC logic, specially when it comes to its relationship with Channels.

At the moment I can’t give you more specifics regarding if our changes will make this work according to your expectations, so for the time being my recommendation would be to do one of the following:

A) Always try to push a package with a higher version to make sure ARC will trigger properly.
B) Stop using ARC and instead use Octo.exe create-release as a step on your build process to create the release.

Best regards,

Hi Dalmiro,

Thank you for your response. ARC for older packages would be useful. Are there any cons? For example, we use Octopus to keep test environment up-to-date for the 3 latest versions (mentioned earlier), so there is no particular order in which we push packages (which are just zip archives with the installer inside) into Octopus.

I ended up with creating release as a TeamCity build step though.

Thank you.

Hi Andrey,

Creating the releases using the TeamCity step is definitely the recommended way to do this for your scenario.

ARC is only recommended for projects where you’ll consistently push package with a higher version each time.