Automatic Release Creation on multiple Channels

It seems that I need to select which Channel will be used for automatic release creation. Is there a way to have multiple, or all channels set to automatically create releases when a package is pushed to the internal NuGet feed?

Hi Lbrody,
Consider the scenario where the same package matches the version rules for multiple Channels. Given there would be no way of knowing which channel should be used (or if all should be used, an even worse problem) we decided that It made the most sense to only allow 1 Channel to use the automatic release creation functionality.
I’m sorry that this is probably not what you wanted to hear, but if you have some thoughts or suggestions on the topic we would be glad to hear them on our UserVoice page where the community in involved in making the product better.

Thank You. I have added a suggestion in user voice.
I see what you are saying, I was hoping there was a way that I could specify zero or more channels, and if a package matches more than 1 then it should be created in all of them. This is a non-issue in my environment, but I do see what you are saying that it has to be considered so that the behavior is deterministic

I ended up here after searching for exactly the same issue.

We have a setup with multiple feature-branches where we always use “Automatic Release Creation” on all of them, and i was really looking forward to start using Channels. Until i ran head-on into this issue as well. Our versioning-rules are very strict, so there would never be a case where a package would match multiple channels - we have a simple 1:1 tag:channel naming convention.

Too bad, this means we still have to use one project per branch :frowning:

Having the ability to fine tune the automatic release creation rules would be ideal. It would be very beneficial to be able to automatically create releases on multiple channels in the same project. Pauli’s scenario is similar to mine.

Hi guys,

Thank you first off for a great product!

This is a critical issue for our adoption of OD. From the branching docs:

Our situation is there are multiple streams being system tested prior to going into the integration environment. Therefore we need to be able to CD per “major” feature and have those branches separate until go-live.

It would be great to know if this is ever going to be in the pipeline, if it is already, and if so how long it would take?

Hi Robbie,
Thanks for getting in touch. Unfortunately due to the complexities that could occur with multiple channels all trying to release at the same time due to ARC, we decided to currently not support this ability. The recommended way to create a release when a new package is available is with an explicit call, through the plugin or directly with octo.exe. By explicitly creating the release you will therefore also ensure that all of the (potentially more than one) packages that need to be available for the deployment are ready to go.
Im sorry that this probably isn’t the response you were hoping to hear, but explicitly creating the release is still the viable preferred option.


I want to report that we are having the same issue. Would be nice if it would be possible somehow.

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