Automatic Release Creation not using Version Tag for all Package Steps

Automatic Release Creation is not using Version Tag for all Package Steps for us. It is grabbing the right package for the Release Creation Package Step, but the other steps are not.

We have two branches, Dev and Master. Our build pushes -alpha packages for Dev and normal for Master. We have created two channels, Dev and Release. We have configured all of the steps in the Dev channel to use the -alpha Version Tag. When the release is created, it picks the correct -alpha packages for the trigger step, but not -alpha for the other packages. Manual creation appears correctly, it lists -alpha for all of the packages for the Dev channel.

Are we missing something?

Hi Mike,

Thanks for getting in touch! You are not missing anything, unfortunately it is by design. I’ll try to explain why.
When ARC was put into place, when customers would upload a package with a pre-release tag, we could not with any certainty know for the other packages in the release they would want to also use pre-release tagged packages. So it works by grabbing all other packages as the latest package without a pre-release tag.

When channels came along the idea was going to be that we could put ARC in for each channel and use the rules defined. However on greater investigation, it couldn’t work. Channels aren’t designed to be singular version rule based, there can be overlaps. So if ARC was at a channel level and a package was pushed that could fit more than one channel, which would we create a release for? and what if the release already existed because it had been used in another channel. None of our solutions or ideas around fixing this were nice enough to make a robust solution without giving a terrible user experience, so ARC was set back to project level and kept its before behavior.

We still aren’t sure how we are going to solve the ‘I want ARC with all pre-release tagged versions’ issue - but it is good having as many use cases as possible for when this is discussed.

Sorry it’s not the greatest news.