Automatic Release Creation not triggered when using Major.Minor.Patch.Build as version format

Hi guys,

I am testing automatic release creation, and it seems that the lifecycle is not triggered when the version number has the format Major.Minor.Patch.Build and only build has been incremented.

Is this intentional, and if so, documented anywhere?


I found it why Octopus behaved this way.

I was expecting automatic release creation to look at the existing packages in the internal nuget feed to determine weather it should create a new release. I was deleting the packages from the feed and reuploading them to auto create a release.

Apparently, it looks at the project and what packages was released, and if those releases are not deleted, Octopus won’t initiate an automatic release if the previous version was higher than the newly uploaded one.


Hi Christian,

Thanks for getting in touch! Yes your findings are correct, we use the package to trigger our search, but then look at releases - we have to assume repositories can be cleaned up, and we also need to know if a release has been previously run and not create it again.

Sorry it isn’t very clear about the assumed behavior.