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I have the default channel which is used to deploy a running version branche which include only version in a range of 1.0. Then a trigger is automatically deploy this release to DEV branch when release is coming from TemCity.

This works perfectly well so far.

Then I have add a new channel in order to handle the deployment of a running development on a version 2.x of the package. The new created channel is accepted only version 2.0 to be deploy.
This works great when using manual release creation on this new channel.

Q : is there a way to make an automatic deployment for 2 different channel using a Trigger linked to each deployment ?


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If you have a separate branch for development, I would suggest that to have a separate build configuration in Teamcity that only builds that branch and create release in Octopus by specifying the Channel. I replied your other ticket with some links which might help.

I hope this helps.

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create release in Octopus by specifying the Channel, this is what I am trying to do but it seems it is possible to do it only for default chanel ?

When defining triger, I have no field which allows selection of chanel …

What I am doing wrong ?

Here is below my trigger screen


Project trigger might not help in this case, as it is mainly being used for when something has happened to a deployment target.

There are couple options you can take

  • Octopus has a feature named Automatic Release Creation it will create a release when a package is uploaded, you can find more information from here. The down side for this approach is you have to specify which channel the release will be created under.
  • Use teamcity or octo.exe to create release, this will automatically determine the best channel based on the release being created.

I hope this helps!

Let me know how you go.


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