Automated Tentacle installation via OctopusDeploy?

Has anyone attempted to install tentacles by using OctopusDeploy to run on the server on behalf of roles, in order to manage the tentacle installations?

We’ve done it manually up until now, but I have a need to start running some of our server tentacles as a specific user, and would love to automate this.

Hi Jeff,

Thanks for getting in touch, interesting question.

Could you expand on how you would like it to work? Do you want the tentacles to re-configure themselves? Or use a script step to remote to a server and install the tentacle?

When you say “behalf of roles” do you mean the deployment step option or something else?

I want a to be able to write a script (based on what I’ve found in the documentation & forums so far) to install (or reconfigure) an Octopus Tentacle deployment on a server. I have 100 servers running right now, and I need a selection of them to be running as a specific user, so they can perform operations on a network share.

I figured I could create a PowerShell script that would do this, save it as a step, then assign roles to the servers I want the script to run on…put the tentacle in a nuget package, and deploy it.

Am I over complicating it?


The problem would be opening communications with those servers. Without a Tentacle already on there, you would have to use some other technology (eg PowerShell remoting) from your step to open a connection, transfer the package and execute the install.

Some customers use Windows DSC or ActiveDirectory to achieve this as well.


Agreed - I was expecting to use Powershell. Seems to be overkill and re-inventing the existing process.

You could install the Tentacle as the System user using DSC/Active Directory or pre-installed on the image, then use Octopus to reconfigure the Tentacle (via a script step/Script console) to the user you want it to run as.

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