Automated Script to install Octopus Server

I’m writing a script to install Octopus.
There will be time when this script will run on servers that already have Octopus installed.

I noticed that when updating from 2018.6.15 to 2019.9.10 that after installing and service begins it would run a process to apply database changes + others. Is it possible to detect when this is running after install and when it finish?


Thanks for reaching out! The DB scripts will only be executed while the service is stopped, so if your script detects that the service is running, it should be enough to confirm that the DB changes are done.

Let me know if this answers your question.


based on my test, DB scripts only execute after the Service has started.

The following silent install does not start up the service and Octopus.Server log shows no activity:
Start-Process “msiexec” “/i ${InstallFileLocation}${filename} /quiet RUNMANAGERONEXIT=no” -wait

When I start the service it then starts running the DB scripts, which appears in the OctopusServer.log