Autodeploy not promoted to environment when using tenants

Hello guys,

I’m following my previous topic which use auto deploy to go on the upper environnment. The workflow doesn’t work when we use many tenants (6 in our case).

Our lifecyle looks like the following :


All is fine when deploying to “dev” environement manually to all tenants, all is deployed like expected. But when it comes to be deploy on our stage1 environment, it will be deploy to 1 tenant and others will remains with the previous version. The same occurs with stage2 environment. You can see the result :

We’re using the version 2018.11.1, we migrated after the answer to use at least the 2018.8.12, but the issue still occurs then.
Are you aware of any trouble in this case ?

Thanks for any advise :slight_smile:

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Hi Jérémy,

Thanks for getting in touch! I’m terribly sorry to hear the upgrade didn’t help resolve this behavior you’ve been hitting. Unfortunately I haven’t had any luck in reproducing this. I have a suspicion it may come down to the permissions for this user who is initiating the deployment. Are there any limitations/scopes applied to this user? Would you be willing to provide an export of this user’s permissions? You can obtain this in the web portal under Configuration > Test Permissions, select the user and Export.

I look forward to hearing back and getting to the bottom of this one. :slight_smile:

Best regards,


Hello Kenneth,

Thanks for your answer. This user has a lot of projects, not sure I can give all our projects. :slight_smile: I can see the user has the right on all environmments related to this project and looks like the roles too (DeploymentCreate for example). Any roles to look at ?

But I just saw this in the “Auto Deploy Logs” tab :

The auto promotion wants to start but by magic, something denies it. This time, the .COM tenant went well but not the others,. Sometimes that is the .FR which will be ok and the others not promoted. Looks like the first one deployed to Dev is well auto promoted, and others denies the auto promotion. This occurs when the deployment take some times (~ 2 or 3 minutes) and with at least 5 tenants if this can help. I don’t manage to reproduce it when using low tenant which take not much time to deploy.


Hello guys,

Do you have an idea on this topic ? Do you need something to have a look at this regardings logs I provided ? :slight_smile: This kind of promotion is part of what we want to achieve with many of ours projects.



Do you have any updates to resolve this issue?
We have also reproduce the issue with an administrator account. So don’t think it’s relate to a permission issue…

What do you need to help you?



Thanks for getting back in touch and nudging on this thread! I’m terribly sorry that you’re still hitting this issue, and about the delay in getting back to you. Your question unfortunately fell through the cracks.

You’re correct that it doesn’t look like a permissions issue. I’ve been able to reproduce this incorrect behavior in my local instance and the latest version, and you can track the issue I’ve raised here.

The workaround I’ve managed to come across seems to be to manually deploy to each tenant that for some reason missed out on the auto-deploy. Additionally, the next release I created was correctly deployed and automatically promoted to each tenant as is the expected behavior. Do you see this same result?

I’m terribly sorry again about the inconvenience this issue has caused. Please don’t hesitate to reach out if you have any further questions or concerns moving forward.

Best regards,


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