Auto-refresh of release step properties for Azure Web Apps


When creating a new release template for an Azure Web App, the refresh button doesn’t work as I expect it to. For example, considering the following workflow:

  1. I select an account, and realize the Web App I want to deploy to hasn’t been created yet. In a different browser tab, I head over to the Azure Portal and create it.

  2. Back in the Octopus UI, even after I click the “refresh” button, but the Web App doesn’t show up in the dropdown list, so I can’t select it.

  3. However, if I deselect and select the subscription, the Web App does show up in the list.

  4. Next, I realize I forgot to create a deployment slot, so I head back to the Azure Portal and do that.

  5. Again, I can’t just click the “refresh” button and have the deployment slot appear; I have to deselect and select the subscription.

It would be nice if the refresh button by the subscription dropdown refreshed the data for all the following choices (or, barring that, if there were additional refresh buttons next to the other two dropdowns).

Keep up the good work!

// Tomas

Hi Tomas, thanks for getting in touch.

We agree that this is less than ideal and will be looking to address this shortly. I have created an issue here which you can use to track the progress in the meantime.

Please let me know if you think I got anything wrong in the issue :slight_smile: