Auto promote release to environment when other is succesfull

Is the following possible:

Sometimes I need to manually deploy a release so I need to deploy it to all my environments.
I have an DTAP lifecycle with autotrigger from D => T. The rest is manual.

So when I need to deploy manually I need to wait for each environment to complete (except from D => T). When one environment is successful, I need to promote it manually to the next environment.


I create a release
DEV is started automatically
DEV is deployed
TEST is started automatically
TEST is deployed

== from now on everything is manual

I promote TEST to ACC
ACC is deployed
I promote ACC to PROD
PROD is deployed.

One deployment on one environment can take 10-30 minutes. So you can imagine that this is a tedious task.

Is there a way to say: “Please auto promote this current release to every environment (in the lifecycle) when the previous is successful”?

So I think I am asking for some checkmark in the deployment page, or switch on the fly to another lifecycle?

Suddenly I see an option “Prevent Progression”, so I am searching the exact opposite!
“Auto progression” or “Auto promotion”

Hi Gerjan,

Thanks for getting in touch! It certainly is possible to allow releases to be deployed automatically through all environments in the lifecycle. This is done in the configuration of the lifecycle itself. When you add an environment to a phase in your lifecycle, one option is to Deploy automatically to this environment (which is then indicated by a lightning bolt icon). If you set all relevant environments to automatically deploy to, in consecutive phases, the release will deploy through the whole lifecycle automatically.

I hope this helps, though I’m not super confident this addresses what you’re after exactly, so please correct me if I’ve made any incorrect assumptions at all. :slight_smile:

Best regards,


No this is not what I mean. I do not want to change my lifecycle permanently. We are not allowed to automatically release to ACC during the day.

I want to “override” my lifecycle in case of an “emergency deployment”.

So in the page where we have an option “Prevent Progression” I would like to have an option “Auto promote release to every environment when successful”.
Or: Let me override a lifecycle when I deploy a release.

Hi Gerjan,

Thanks for keeping in touch and elaborating further. :slight_smile:

Unfortunately there’s no way to auto promote a release without altering the lifecycle it follows, nor a way to override a lifecycle on an existing release. The phrase “emergency deployment” makes me think of a hotfix channel, which is used whenever a fix needs to be pushed immediately into production, essentially skipping any earlier environments standard releases normally have to go through first (which can then be backfilled later). Would something like this be of any help? The following blog post section has some additional information on setting up a hotfix channel.

Let me know what you think or if you have any further questions moving forward!

Best regards,


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