Auto Deployment when pushing a new nuget packet problem

Hello , I would like to know if there is a good documentation or explanation about auto releases when a nuget packet is pushed from TeamCity . How does it work , why I do not get right ? troubleshooting ,

What is “Versioning Package step” ? What is “Release Creation package step” ? and other stuff , it all seems very confusing and more of the tuturials are outdated . It used to work in old projects but somehow when I created a new projects with new processes they do not start when there is a new package .

I know the question is not structured enough :slight_smile:


Hi Ahmad,

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Documentation about Automatic Release Creation (ARC) and troubleshooting steps

You can find all that here: . When a release doesn’t get created after you push a package, the right place to go is always Configuration -> Diagnostics

“Versioning Package step”

When you go to Projects -> [your project] -> Settings -> Release versioning you can select a package step which will be the one that will define your release version.

“Release Creation Package Step”

When you activate ARC, you need to tell Octopus which package should be the one that triggers the automatic release. You do so by selecting a step that uses that package.

Hope that helps. Let me know if anything there isn’t clear.

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