Auto deploy -debug package to test server


I’m creating 2 package versions:

  • package.version-debug: This is the package that is build in debug mode
  • package.version-release: This is the package that is build in release mode

Only when a new debug version is pushed I would like to create an automatic release. This release should then do an auto deploy to the test environment. What is the best way to do this? I couldn’t find a way to restrict an auto release creation for a specific package version.

Hi Jeroen,

Thanks for getting in touch! Currently this is not possible. We will be adding support to this kind of branching scenarios in upcoming versions(see post about it

The easiest thing to do on this case would be to leverage the Release Creation to your build server, instead of Octopus. Assuming you have a specific build configuration for your “debug” branch, you can add a step at the end of that build to create a release on Octopus. This way the release will only be created when you build “Debug”, and not when you build “Release”.

If you need help setting up that step, let us know what build server you are using and we’ll give you a hand with the integration with Octopus



Hi Dalmiro,

Ok great to see that you guys are adding this feature. Since we are using Teamcity I will create a release using the plugin.