Auto-create release (external nuget feed) - follow up


We have a nuget package being generated in VSTS and hosted using the VSTS internal nuget package hosting. I have successfully connected using the external nuget feed which can be used when I manually create a release, but was hoping to have this automatically create a release in octopus when a new nuget package is issued in VSTS.

I have discussed exposing the octopus server’s internal nuget to VSTS but my sys admins are not willing to expose octopus in such a manner. I see the post from march of 2016 asking if this is something that would ever be added and told that it wasn’t going to be.

I am wondering if anyone else has found a solution or workaround to this problem and what that solution might be. I am considering doing something stupid like hosting another website internally that vsts can push to which will then direct octopus to trigger a build but would prefer not to do such a silly workaround.

Has anyone found a way to create releases from external feeds automatically, or is this hopefully a feature in development we can look forward to?


Hi Daniel, thanks for reaching out.

Unfortunately Octopus has no support for automatic release creation based on external feeds. We also don’t have a reliable workaround to implement the feature using external services.

This functionality is something that we are discussing internally, and there is a user voice for it at that you can add a vote to. However there is no timeline as to when a feature like this will be released.

Matthew Casperson

Thanks for the reply, I’ll find some sort of workaround. I went and voted on the user voice story, would be nice if it ever gets implemented.


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