Audit log no longer showing variable changes?

We used to see all variable/variable set changes in the audit log as per Audit of Octopus Variable Changes. I’ve verified this with an old version Octopus 3.16.2

We’re on 2018.3.6 and have today noticed that variable set changes are no longer appearing in Config>Audit

Please advise as this is essential functionality

I’ve tried the latest version on a local installation and this has restored this functionality. I didn’t see a fix in the release notes

Update, it seems there may be a problem with our installation. I have upgraded a test server that mirrors our Production Octopus instance. Upgraded to latest version and we still have the same problem of variable changes not showing in the audit

Hi Andy,

Thanks for getting in touch! I’m terribly sorry to hear you’re hitting this unexpected issue. I brought this up with my team and we had a lengthy discussion around this behavior that looks like a recent bug. I suspect you’re hitting a known issue which was introduced sometime recently (after 3.16.2), which is currently on our backlog to address, and you can reference the issue here.

I’d like to confirm whether you are getting bitten by this bug. Is the user that’s viewing the audit log a member of multiple teams in Octopus, where one of the teams is restricted/scoped in any way (i.e. scoped to individual environments, projects, project groups, etc.)? If this is the case in your scenario, a workaround would be to have the user that requires viewing the audit log in only one team.

If this isn’t the case for you, though, would you be willing to provide an export of this user’s permissions so I can attempt reproducing your scenario accurately? You can get the export in your web portal under Configuration > Test Permissions and selecting the user. Feel free to mark this thread as private if this information is considered sensitive.

I look forward to hearing back!

Kind regards,


Hi Kenny, thanks for the response. It does seem this was our problem
I was using my own account that has full rights, but was a member of a team with much pruned down rights that I didn’t need to be in. Removing my account from this group now allows me to see the audit data :slight_smile::relieved:


Hi Andy,

You’re very welcome! That’s great to hear that you were able to work around this issue nicely and easily since one team you were in had full rights. Don’t hesitate to reach out if you have any questions or concerns in the future. :slight_smile:

Best regards,


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