Attributing a deploy to initiating user

I’m not sure if this is a stupid question, but I’ll ask it anyway.

We’re currently evaluating Octopus Deploy and have set up a build configuration in TeamCity that has to be run manually - that builds and deploys an application to our test environment.

As I understand it, the user to whom the API key belongs to is the one that will be attributed for the build in TeamCity. Is there a way of sending to Octo.exe to show who initiated a build?


Hi Patrik,

Thanks for getting in touch! The really short answer is no.
But the longer better answer is: our suggestion is to create a service account just for TeamCity so that each time TeamCity initiates a release or deployment it’s marked as the source. This is as you correctly described because it requires an API Key to talk to Octopus and for Octopus to allow communication. But if you want to know who in TeamCity initiated it, we suggest you make use of the release notes feature and add your triggeredBy in there, to reference who in TC pushed the button so to speak!

Hope this helps!

I did what you said and it works perfectly. Thank you for the quick reply!