Artifact collection only happens after step completion

I was working on a custom step that would alter a file, however I wanted to collect an artifact of the config file both before and after the change. Is there any good way to do this outside of creating a before and after step?

Hi Robert,

Thanks for getting in touch. There is a few ways you could do this.

You won’t need to have additional steps, you can use Custom deployment scripts on an existing step, have a look at this documentation with some helpful screen shots:

Depending on where your original file is coming from, if it’s from a package you will have access the file from the package, you could capture the file that way, as for after modification it would be custom script, to make a copy of the modified file.


I don’t believe that solution would work for me as I am not using a package. I’m reading an xml file (.net Machine config) and depending on the values making changes.


When you read the file in, at that point save a copy of it, that will be the original file. Modify the file, now it’s changed, you can also make a copy at that point to, in your logic.

If this still doesn’t make sense would you mind providing some more specific details as to how you have it currently working.


I believe I can make that work by reading the file into a second variable then if the file changes writing the variable to a temp location and publishing that as the artifact for the original value.