Are Step Templates and Accounts Space or System scoped?

The Spaces documentation page has a handy table of how different resources are scoped. However it is silent on most Library items like Step Templates, Script Modules, Packages, External Feeds, Certificates, Tenant Tag Sets, and Infrastructure resources like Workers, Worker Pools, Machines, Accounts, Proxies, and possibly other items I missed :smiley:

Are Step Templates Space or System scoped?

Are Accounts Space or System scoped?

Could this table please be expanded to cover more stuff?

Hi Aaron,

Thanks for getting in touch. In general, everything in space scoped except for users and teams and a few other things that are system scoped. That means, Step Templates and Accounts are both space scoped.

I’m updating our docs to mention that all other resources are space scoped as the list focuses on the major concepts.

Hope this helps.



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Thanks @robpearson that’s helpful for planning.

I think I was hoping that ‘Step Templates’ or ‘Script Modules’ might have a System scoped equivalent such they become akin built-in modules within Spaces. Useable, configurable, but not changeable.

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