Archiving projects

I was wondering what the best way to archive some projects in Octopus Deploy?

We have some that are going either end of life or maintenance only. In teamcity I used the archive functionality to hide these projects but they can be unarchived should I need to resurrect them later which is helpful.

So what is the best practice for this type of scenario on Octopus Deploy?

TIA :wink:


Thanks for getting in touch. There isn’t an equivalent archive feature in Octopus Deploy at the moment, it hasn’t been a very common situation. There are a couple of options I can suggest:

  1. If your main issue is the Project Dashboard, you can configure the dashboard to only show a list of configured projects. Take a look at our demo server:
  2. You could “hide” the Projects using permissions:
  3. You could consider using the export/import features, but be aware this is server-wide, though you can hand-edit the output to filter to a specific project, similar to what we did with the Channels Walkthrough configuration.

Hope that helps!

Thanks for the suggestions.

My initial thoughts are that import/export is not a great way to go. You get the desired effect but are operating completely outside of the application by effectively deleting and recreating the project (which might also lose existing deployment info/logs)

If my assumption that the dashboard is user-specific, then this also doesn’t provide a compelling case as it would have to be configured for every user.

The closest match to what I have in mind is probably permissions based. The difficulty in this method is that all projects would have to have a role assigned of ‘active’ when what I really want is to assign a role of ‘inactive’ to those projects to hide. Adding a role or permission to remove the visibility of something seems to run against the grain of their intended use,

Sorry if that isn’t clear, just thinking out loud.

I hope it is ok but I have raised a suggestion to add Archiving as a feature to Octopus Deploy.

As a young-ish application I’m sure many are yet to accumulate the cruft that comes with very long-lived deployment tool installs but it can be invaluable for managing large numbers of projects and my dashboard even without many of the TC archived projects looks like this ->

Hi Scott,

Thanks for getting back to me and for posting the suggestion - I saw it this morning. It really is the best way we have to judge the demand for a particular feature.

Hope that helps!