Approval before deployment to production

So in our setup we would like to force approval before being allowed to push to production. So the process I would like to implement would be. That developers would have full control over the Dev and Staging deployments but additional steps would be required for production.

Production deployments steps would use

  • “send an email” step to send an email to our internal ticket system which would create a ticket for push to production
  • use “manual intervention required” step to hold push until approval.

So it looks like I can do both but I am not sure how to force this process. I would like this process to be mandatory for all production deployments. Is this something I can do or do you have another way of doing this?



Hi Matt,

Thanks for getting in touch! While you can create both the email step and then the manual intervention step to be scoped to production, there is no real way to ‘lock this down’.
We can’t actively stop steps from being skipped, and we cannot also stop steps from being modified based on their environment if someone can modify a process.

What you could do is add auditing. Such as an email step at the end of the deployment on production that shows what steps were run and what steps were skipped.

We do have a UV suggestion about making steps unskippable:

Hope that helps!