Applying a version template to a Nuget package

Currently, I can choose to have a release’s version number use a template, or to use the version number of one of its Nuget packages. Is it possible to apply a template to a Nuget package version number?

For instance, my package might be named MyProduct-1.23.456.7890-rc1, and I want the release version to be 1.23.456. Other than manually editing the version set from the package, can we apply a template e.g. #{Package.Version.Major}.#{Package.Version.Minor}.#{Package.Version.Patch}

Hi David,

Thanks for getting in touch. Unfortunately, this isn’t possible at the moment. If you think it’s worthwhile idea, I’d suggest adding it to our User Voice site ( to see if it can get some traction and votes from the Octopus community. We’ve implemented a number of the popular suggestions from our User Voice site.