Application deployment by multiple developers

My company is thinking about using Octopus deploy for continuous integration. The question that comes up on our mind is that how can multiple developers do code deployment. Do we have purchase a license for all developers or is there a better and cheaper way to get this done?


Thanks for getting in touch. Each level of octopus license (professional, team and enterprise) allows you to have up to certain amounts of users registered on your instance. You only need to buy 1 license to get the amount of users entitled for that license level.

To check how many users you get with each license, follow this link

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Okay, How do we deploy the application if the visual studio is installed on the developer’s local machine. What about the Octopus Deploy manager? Do each of us have to download Octopus Deploy Manager? Our initial plan was install Octopus Deploy manager on one developer’s machine that will push the build most of the time.
The issue with that is what if that developer goes on vacation and we have to do a immediate code push, what do we do then?

Hi Mustafa,

Octopus Deploy is a server solution and as such, it runs on a central server which provides the Octopus service to plenty of other machines and users. It doesn’t run on a single Developer’s machine.

I recommend you to take a couple of minutes and go through all of the videos on the section “Getting Started” on the link below. It’ll give you a very good idea of how Octopus works.