App.Config and XML config transforms are not working

I have a package with an exe and couple of config files within (I’ve just opened the nupkg file with NuGet Package Explorer to confirmed that):

  • MyApp.exe.config - this file is default action from renaming the app.config in the project.
  • MyApp.Staging.config - this file and the file next to it been added manually, the property CopyToOutputDirectory is set to Always so that these file been included into the result package.
  • MyApp.Live.config
  • MyApp.Release.config - an empty transformer been added just in case if this file is mandatory due to some voodoo reasons

The application is compiled in Debug config for both enviroments. On the Octopus Server I have 2 environments Staging and Live with couple of servers in each of them.

When I do promote the release to the one of the environments, I see the MyApp.Staging.config and MyApp.Live.config files in the target folder on the server, but when I open the MyApp.exe.config I see nothing from the substititions files been applied.

The transform files are correct - I’ve tested them with AppHarbor’s helper service.

The settings XML transformation and XML variables are both enabled. The Additional transforms textbox is empty.

What am I doing wrong?

Thanks for great job!

I believe I missed something, but last hour I spent for some magic drumming to make this stuff working :slight_smile: as couldn’t found anything in the doc and in the forum

Perhaps they need to be named MyApp.exe.Staging.config

Brilliant, adding the .exe to the file name solved the problem. Thanks for support :slight_smile:

But I think something in the docs should be fixed for that