API to find a release in a project

I use to the Octo create-release command to create new releases.
This command returns a message when the release exist. My script ignores this error as it does not return an error status.
Is there a simple command I can use to find out whether release exist in a project before running the command?


Hi B,

Thanks for reaching out! What you whould be using is the --ignoreExisting command which will simply continue if the release already exists. You can run octo.exe help create-release to get a list of all the available parameters.

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Yep that sort out my issue.
Out of curiosity how would you find an existing release within a project without pulling every single release from a project?

Glad to hear that sorted it out.

If you want to find a release by project and number, I recommend you to use the open source projects Octoposh: http://octoposh.readthedocs.io/en/latest/cmdlets/get-octopusrelease/

Otherwise you could use the Octopues.client .NET library to hit our API (which is what Octoposh does).