API - Project Delete returns empty task

We have noticed an issue with the API response when you DELETE a project. Previously, this would return the details for the delete task, which could then be used to monitor the deletion task and ensure it was performed successfully.

After the upgrade to the current version (upgraded from 2.6.? to 3.2.21), the api is now returning an empty task object:

    "Name": null,
    "Description": null,
    "Arguments": {},
    "State": "Queued",
    "Completed": "Queued...",
    "QueueTime": "0001-01-01T00:00:00.000+00:00",
    "StartTime": null,
    "LastUpdatedTime": "0001-01-01T00:00:00.000+00:00",
    "CompletedTime": null,
    "ServerNode": null,
    "Duration": "735,995 days",
    "ErrorMessage": "",
    "HasBeenPickedUpByProcessor": false,
    "IsCompleted": false,
    "FinishedSuccessfully": false,
    "HasPendingInterruptions": false,
    "CanRerun": true,
    "HasWarningsOrErrors": false,
    "Links": {
        "Self": "/api/tasks/",
        "Web": "/app#/tasks/",
        "Raw": "/api/tasks//raw",
        "Rerun": "/api/tasks/rerun/",
        "Cancel": "/api/tasks//cancel",
        "QueuedBehind": "/api/tasks//queued-behind{?skip}",
        "Details": "/api/tasks//details{?verbose,tail}",
        "Artifacts": "/api/artifacts",
        "Interruptions": "/api/tasks"

Hi Derrick,

This is by design and a result of moving away from RavenDB to SQL, we’ve changed how we perform these deletes. Pre-3.x we would create a server task to perform the delete, in 3.x we now run the deletion in the background and as such no server task is generated and we just return a blank server task in the result of the API call.

Thank you and best regards,