Any way to make an existing step a child of another existing step?

I have a dozen or so steps defined and I would like to organize them a bit. Is there any way to make an existing step a child step of another existing step?

No, not currently.


+1 on this one

We have about 40 steps in our deployment process. Moving to rolling deployment is very labor intensive as each step has to be deleted an created again as a child step. This is not very user friendly. I want to be able to more easily move our steps around to optimise our deployment process


Thanks, I see that you’ve made a UserVoice suggestion here (I was just about to add it):


This is massively needed. As I am learning how to better structure deployments, I have to delete and recreate so much. Very labor intensive.

We need the ability to move child steps out of their current parent step. Not having Copy, Move abilities make large deploys very hard to maintain and restructure. The simplest things turn into such huge tasks. Some can take all day.

Please, please add the ability to move and copy steps at least within the same project to start. This would be a massive productivity booster.

Hi Jesse,

Please go through and vote and comment on the UserVoice suggestion.
We do not check or use the forums for feedback on new features.


Same problem here