Any documentation/details on use extended API

We are using Octopus 3.17.1 with Artifactory 5.4.4 hooked up as a feed for NuGet packages.

We hit a problem this morning where the package lookup on the release project did not find the latest package, although the feed “test” did work.

We eventually solved the immediate problem by ‘checking’ the “Use Extended API” option on the feed, although the comment suggests we might need to disable if the latest version is not returned.

Is there any documentation on this as this appears to be working “inverse” to the comment?

Many thanks

Hi Tim,

Thanks for reaching out! You definitely found a nice gap in our documentation. Thanks for pointing it out :).

I had to do some digging myself to find the logic behind that checkbox. Here’s the commit message from the dev that added it:

The change was added to improve performance in newer feeds. We used to pull all the versions of the package and then filter on server side, which could take a good amount of time. With this change we can get the specific package version in 1 API call in feeds that allow this.

I’m wondering if Artifactory’s API works differently than the rest of the package repositories out there (or at least the ones our users generally use).

I’m gonna give this a try, get myself an Artifactory feed and see what I can find. In the meantime please keep that box checked so you can continue with your deployments :slight_smile:

I’ll let you know what I find.

Best regards,

I am checking the Artifactory site to get myself a feed to test this out. Which version of the below are you using?

Hi Dalmiro, apologies for the long delay getting back you you.

We’re using Artifactory 5.4.4.

The symptoms that we are seeing is that:

If there are lots of NuGet package versions for a product (in our case we have almost 200 versions), then where the “use extended api” is not checked, then the “Create Release” does not find the latest versions. However, if I use the “test” the external feed in Library, it pulls back the latest version.

If I then check the “use extended api” then the latest version does appear. So, in this instance, it resolves the problem.

However, we have some other Octopus release projects where, the inverse happens. If the “enhanced api” is not checked then the latest version is located. If it is checked then the ‘latest’ version if not found and that cell in the Package table is empty.

All very confusing really


Hi Tim,

Apologies for the long delay back to you! Somehow this ticket slipped away from my queue and I just found it back.

I can totally see why this would seem confusing and frustrating. I’m gonna consult this one with the team Tonight (we are in opposite timezones atm) and get back to you with the result of our discussion.

In the meantime I wanted to mention that between the version you are running and the latest one 2018.4.9 we’ve touched the feeds part of the code quite a bit. So it would be awesome if you could upgrade to the latest Octopus and let us know if you keep seeing this behavior.

Best regards,

We’re not currently scheduled to upgrade this yet, possible in a few weeks once some other priority work is completed. I will get back to you as soon as possible

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