Anticipated release schedule of new Octopus versions?


Do you have any dates for expected releases of Octopus 2.6 and 3.0? The automatic continuous deployment feature of 2.6 is very useful and we’re big Azure Cloud Service users so the updates to 3.0 would be welcome too.

All on the understanding that dates shift so nothing is set in stone, but some indication for our own internal planning would be helpful.


Hi Graham,

Thanks for getting in touch! 2.6 and Lifecycles should be at least in pre-release within a month.
3.0 as you can tell is pretty big, and complex and we want to test the hell out of it. Our current terrible terrible estimation is a large range from 3-6 months.


Do you have an updated release estimate for 3.0?

Hi Emil,

We’re planning to ship a preview of 3.0 around March this year. Hope this helps,


Can I ask when it my be fully enterprise ready? We’re in desparate need of the new features (namely clustered instances). Also anxiously awaiting a fix for this private issue.

Lastly, I’m still seeing a memory leak when it comes to nuget package uploads to the internal octopus nuget repo. Here’s hoping a resolution will be in 3.0.