Amber Success


During a deployment which is calling powershell modules im getting the following

Connect-VIServer : Windows PowerShell is in NonInteractive mode. Read and Prompt functionality is not available.

This is causing a amber success is there a way around getting this so its a green success?


Hi Nicholas,

Thanks for getting in touch! By the looks of the error you pasted, seems like Connect-VIServer cmdlet is trying to prompt for information (cretentials?) and it fails because the process is not being initiated by an active user. This leads me to believe that not enough parameters were passed to Connect-VIServer for it to be able to stablish the connection with the VSphere server.

Have you tried running that cmdlet alone from the Script Console on Octopus? SC allows you to test standalone commands on tentacles, the same way a regular deployment would run them.

Let us know if this works.


Hi Dalmiro,
I found that someone had put a pause in the powershell which was causing the prompt error.
Thanks for the help though it helped identify the area to look.

Hi Nicholas,

Glad i could help :slight_smile: