Allow deployment of latest release only

Hi All,

We’re experimenting with using Octopus Deploy to manage our internal dev/test environments and planning to extend this out to upgrading our 250+ client environments. Eventually want our clients to have self-service option to be able to select and schedule their own upgrades.

Is there a way to block installation of older releases per environment? For example, environment has version installed then we deploy version, I want the Deploy button disabled for version We don’t want to allow a downgrade of versions, however also don’t want to blanked block release of all older versions across environments. Attached is a screenshot example, I’d like all remaining “Deploy” buttons disabled, as they are for older versions.

** we are using Octopus Deploy 3.4.0-beta0002


Hi Steve,

Thanks for getting in touch! We understand what you are after here, however, being able to redeploy old releases can be an important feature of Octopus deploy, so allowing control or restricting access to this is not something we will likely implement.

However, you could use the API to make your own “deploy button” for the specific customer that only gives them the choice of deploy the latest release.

Hope that helps!