Allow a step to be use in 'No environments'

I’d like to be able to pull a step out of use in any environment without deleting it. Currently the only medium term solution is to create a dummy environment. A short term solution is to disable it for the current deployment.

Hi George,

Thanks for getting in touch! Could you please explain a little more about this situation and what you are trying to accomplish.
I’m a little confused - do you want to have a step that ‘just runs’ without needing to be run on a specific machine?
Or do you want a step skipped on specific environments?


Hi Vanessa!

At the moment when editing a step, you can specify which environments it is to be run in. Selecting no environments means that the step will run in all environments. There’s no way to specify that a step should run in no environments.

If I have a problematic step and I’d like to take it out of use temporarily while I work on it, I’d like to disable it somehow, maybe with a checkbox on the process page.

Hi George,

Thanks for the explanation. I’ve added a UserVoice for the suggestion to add the ability to disable a step.

Please go and vote and comment.
We think your solution about a dummy environment is the best current workaround.



You can always add the step to a empty machine role, eg. “no-op role”, and then the step will not be run as long as no machines exists with that role.