After the request began: Unable to read data from the transport connection: An existing connection was forcibly closed by the remote host

Hello, I have tried many things to resolve this problem. We are only having it with this one deployment target, Windows 2012 Server Std Edition. The connectivity check is always green, but the larger deployment packages fail the acquisition. The one I’ve attached the log for fails every time. I also attached the tentacle log from the deployment target. The failure seems to be related to a timeout where the host has not responded within a certain duration.

I’ll attach the raw log:ServerTasks-4422485.log.txt (35.8 KB)Tentacle Log.txt (36.6 KB)

Hi @bob.hardister

Thanks for getting in touch! I’m sorry to hear you’re hitting this issue with a tentacle. From the look of this error, I would guess some network infrastructure is blocking the connection and causing the timeout, perhaps your firewall blocking traffic over port 10933 (being the most common culprit). Can you confirm definitively that it has been opened, or if you have anything else sitting in between, like a proxy?

From there, could you go through our troubleshooting tentacles doc page which has some additional things to check to help us narrow down where the issue could possibly be?

I hope this helps get you unstuck, and I look forward to hearing back!

Not the firewall. Other Octopus projects do deploy to this target. its only the larger packages that have problems. Like I said above, this specific project/package always fails. Its not an issue of it always not working. I attached a screen shot that show a % of the package gets downloaded. I’ve seen it get as close as 96% and fail just before it completed.

Thanks for confirming that it won’t be the firewall or a proxy interfering here.

I’ve come across similar issues previously where it was an anti-virus causing issues with larger deployments - if you do have anti-virus on the target, could you try whitelisting the Octopus folder and then retry the deployment, please?

Hi Stuart,

I looked pretty hard and couldn’t find any anti-virus on the server. The only thing I found on this winserv 2012 was “Windows Smart Screen” which is turned off. This server does have SQL Server running on it.

Hi @bob.hardister

Thanks for looking for anti-virus and ruling that one out too.

Looking at the tentacle logs, it definitely looks like something environmental affects the network connection intermittently (which could explain why smaller packages will go through successfully).

Are you able to manually transfer the package over to the target?

After > dozen tries, the acquisition completed. Wish there was a way to see what the problem is :frowning:

Hi @bob.hardister

It’ll be a tricky one to track down the root cause of as it does appear to be environmental.

I did try a bit of searching to see if I could find anything to help point you in the right direction. A suggestion here is to disable the windows firewall completely and try the transfer again. If that doesn’t work, this link suggests disabling the windows search service.

Failing that, I’d maybe try updating the NIC driver or even a different NIC completely, if possible.

Good luck, please let me know how you get on!

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