Advantage and Disadvantage in using Octopus deploy in Windows Server Core

I’m planning to install Octopus deploy in Windows Core but I’ve never really used core before and I’m a bit hesitant as well since core doesn’t have a GUI. I’ve seen Octopus being installed in server with GUI but never in Core so I don’t know if installing it in Core is good. What are the advantages and disadvantages in using octopus deploy in Core?

Hi @Mar!

Thanks for getting in touch - this is a great question! Octopus can run fine on Windows Server Core, in fact, we do it internally on many systems!

There’s not really a lot of Octopus-specific advantages/disadvantages to running on Core, just the dis/advantages of the product itself (reduced resource usage/lack of GUI).

I recently made up a quick PowerShell command stack to get up and running on Windows Core, which should get you up to speed quickly. You can find the thread here.

Hope this helps!

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