Additional transforms not working in subfolder

Hi guys, I’m having some issues with transforms in Octopus 2.0 - sorry about creating yet another thread but I’ve looked through about 50 previous threads and haven’t found any answers

This thread was promising but the solution didn’t work for me: - it’s locked so I couldn’t add onto it.

Octopus does not raise errors, even with logging set to verbose, so I haven’t included any logs. The "Applying SitecoreSettings.config.transform"
output I’d expect is not written to the log.

I’ve tried the following configs


*.config.transform => *.config

No wildcards:

SitecoreSettings.config.transform => SitecoreSettings.config

Super specific:

App_Config\Include\SitecoreSettings.config.transform => App_Config\Include\SitecoreSettings.config

And finally, “I have no idea what’s going on anymore”:

App_Config\Include\SitecoreSettings.config.transform => .\App_Config\Include\SitecoreSettings.config
App_Config\web.blah.config.transform => web.config
App_Config\web.blah.config.transform => App_Config\Include\SitecoreSettings.config
  • Transform 1 fails.
  • Transform 2 succeeds.
  • Transform 3 fails (???)

App_Config\Include\SitecoreSettings.config definitely exists.

I’ve also tried using SlowCheetah, but that isn’t working properly for me either… at this rate I’m considering just writing some powershell scripts to do it manually >_<


Can’t seem to edit my post, but I found something else…

If SitecoreSettings.config is placed into the package’s base directory, the transform works. However if it’s in App_Config/Include/ the transform fails.



Thanks for reaching out. We found this bug of transforms not working if either the transform or the config file are not in the root of the package in 3.0.x. We fixed it for that version (see github issue), but we didn’t and will not release a fix for that in 2.0. The only solution would be to upgrade to 3.0.x to get this fix.

Sorry its not better news


Hi Dalmiro

Thanks for your response!

I think my issue is different - I’m running and additional transform are actually working when the files are in different directories - but only when the target file is inside the root directory. If the target is in a subdirectory the transform fails.

This issue indicates that specifying only the file names without paths should work, however I’ve tried this with no success

SitecoreSettings.config.transform => SitecoreSettings.config