Additional Transforms Feature


I created an issue over at Github, that I’m hoping you can be of assistance with.

Best regards,
Mikkel Petersen.

Hi Mikkel,

Thanks for getting in touch! As Dalmiro stated on the issue we do not monitor nor answer support in our GitHub Issues. It is public so our customers can see what we are working on.

As for the issue you are seeing I believe is because you are defining the path. With all config transforms the extraction path is assumed.
If you change to Web.Support136135.config => Web.config it will work.
You can also define folder if needed for example bin\ => Web.config.

We have a few rules when it comes to defining the rules for folders and wildcards that you can read about here:

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Obviously misread what I was stating, there is a bug in your software.

Because the expression I’m definitely, is only supposed to hit
root\Web.config, but it also hits root\sitecore\admin\Web.config, for
whatever reason. This then fails, because it doesn’t have the element that
it’s erroneously trying to transform, causing the entire deploy step, and
ultimately the entire deploy, to fail.

If you still believe this is correct behavior, then please instruct me how
I should define my expression instead, as I’m defining as per your own

Den 6. feb. 2017 4.58 AM skrev “Vanessa Love” <>:

Hi Mikkel,

I have seen this error a number of times. It is not a bug. As from the documentation I linked:
Octopus will iterate through all files in all directories (ie, recursively) of your deployed application to find any matching files.
If it is not matching the correct files that will come down to incorrect definitions.

We iterate through all directories looking for matches. I also know you cannot define a full path, it will produce the error you stated. I gave you an example of the syntax to use without the path you were supplying.
You are welcome to send a full deployment log with variable evaluation turned on.
Here are the instructions on how to do so:


Hi Vanessa.

As per your own documentation, you can define a full path for the
transform, but not the file to be transformed; check your own documentation

The log lines also states that the file intended for transforming is
transformed correctly.

But your software erroneously transforms a file I don’t want it to
transform. Because I’ve disabled the checkbox that states it should
automatically discover files for transformation.

I can supply you with a full log, though it shouldn’t be necessary.

But do me a favor and actually read your own documentation first, and then
escalate this bug to an engineer.
There’s no point whatsoever in having the ability to disable automatic
transformation, only to have it re-enabled by using the feature that
defines specific files.

I do nothing but follow your own documentation here.

Den 6. feb. 2017 5.59 AM skrev “Vanessa Love” <>:


When you use a full path on the transform, it is recursive and will match any transform pattern it can apply. As your Web.config was in the base path, there was no way to define a unique pattern for the target.
We added the ability to define the base directory to the target so that it will not look for the file in other directories. If you change your target to ./Web.config it will only match the pattern once and not look for the target in additional directories.
You will need to upgrade to version 3.8.8 or higher to take advantage of this. The documentation has also been updated:


Hi Vanessa.

This is awesome news!

Thank you :slight_smile:

I’ll be trying it out within the next couple of days.

Med venlig hilsen / Best Regards.