Additional Transform Order

I am trying to get the order of my transforms to work correctly.
We have octopus v3.2.7
I set up these “Additional Transforms”

Web.#{Octopus.Environment.Name}.webnode.config => Web.config
metablogConfig.webnode.config => metablogConfig.config
UrlRewriting.webnode.config => UrlRewriting.config

The ‘webnode’ transforms should occur after the environment transforms, but this is what I see in the log

Transforming '_snip_\Web.config' using '_snip_\Web.Staging.webnode.config'.
Transforming '_snip_\Web.config' using '_snip_\Web.Staging.config'.
Transforming _snip_\config\metablogConfig.config' using '_snip_\config\metablogConfig.webnode.config'.
Transforming '_snip_\config\metablogConfig.config' using '_snip_\config\metablogConfig.staging.config'.

I want webnode transforms to occur second as they strip out some things not required in the ‘default’ environment configurations.
I tried using wildcards in the additional transforms field but I think there’s a bug in octopus causing this exception “System.ArgumentException: Second path fragment must not be a drive or UNC name.” (posted detailed stack trace here: )

In any case the metablogConfig transforms do not occur in the order specified so I’m guessing that specifying them all manually won’t fix the ordering issue.

Hi Murray,

Thanks for getting in touch! While I hate giving this advice, could you upgrade to one of our latest versions of Octopus? We have recently done a bit of an overhaul of the area and made it more consistent (and our documentation was updated to match).
Once you have done this, could you then send us the log file for your deployment:
I can then determine that the issue still persists and see the difference, as if I give advice now it might actually be wrong.