Additional Octopus Tentacle ports other than 10933 and 10934?

Is it possible to have the Octopus Server communicate to ports other than 10933 and 10934? Is it possible to add additional ports for tentacle communication i.e 10935, 10936, 10937…?

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This depends on the type of communication method being used for the tentacle. If using a listening tentacle, then you can change the port to whatever you like during configuration and as long as the server is able to access that port on the target machine, everything will work fine.

If using polling tentacles, then you are slightly more restricted as the Octopus Server can only listen on a single port which can be configured using --commslistenport flag on octopus.server.exe configure

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Thanks Paul, yes I am anticipating using the ports for the listening tentacle. How do I go about configuring a port other than 10933/10934 during configuration?

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If configuring the tentacle using the UI, when prompted for the port number in Tentacle Manager you can change it to any port that you like

You just have to ensure that you match the port when adding the deployment target within Octopus Server.

If using a script with tentacle.exe to configure, then when executing the register-with command set the --tentacle-comms-port=VALUE flag to your desired port value.