Adding Teams to Teams

So, I currently have two example projects that I want all users to be able to view. The easiest way I found, rather than adding each new user to a team, was to give those permissions to the built in ‘Everyone’ Team, scoped to only the two projects. It’s worked great so far.

Now, however, I have a third project that I want everyone to be able to deploy. I can’t add the deployment right to the ‘Everyone’ Team, as it will apply to the other projects I want them to view.

Is there a way to add a Team to another Team? This would make it easy to have, say, Team ‘Developers’ and Team ‘Developers - Admins’. Obviously I would want the Admins group to be included in the Developers group, instead of having to duplicate permissions. Is there a way to do this?

This would be handy - we’ve discussed it a few times but don’t have a timeline on it. Are you using AD however? Adding AD groups to teams is a great option now available in 2.4.


We are not, unfortunately. We had to disconnect the machine from our usual network, as the machine can be accessed externally. So our users’ typical domain logons don’t work there.