Adding SSH Connection to OpenBSD

I was attempting to add an SSH connection to an OpenBSD machine in Octopus and I ran into a couple of problems. First of all, the health check fails with the attached log. (I have redacted the server name and username I am using.) It looks like all the relevant version numbers of the software I am using are in the log except for OpenBSD. I am running OpenBSD 5.8. Since I do not see a Calamari directory where the health check script is expecting it, I am guessing that the exception occurs while trying to deploy Calamari. Secondly, the shell script that Octopus is trying to execute is running df with what I think are GNU specific command line options. I don’t know how often df is run during deployments, but it might be as simple as changing the health check script to run “df -h” which should be supported under Linux distributions and more strictly POSIX compliant operating systems alike. One last question, is there a reason why Octopus depends upon bash? I was fine installing it on my box, but it is not installed by default on OpenBSD. You might consider seeing if you can run your scripts in /bin/sh mode so that there is no bash dependency.

health-check.log (5 KB)

Hi James,

Thanks for getting in touch! The decision for bash was due to the fact that it’s features make it easier to use in complex scripts. We do not plan on supporting both types. We needed to make a decision that would work for the largest range of cases.

As for the error you are getting, this looks like a bug, so I have created an issue that you can track here:

Thanks for reporting this!

Hi James,
I have made some changes to the health check script so that it now looks to be compatible with OpenBSD. This should go out in the 3.2.14 release.
Give it a go when its released (keep an eye out on our downloads page!) and let me know the results. It can be tricky getting these scripts compatible will all possible *Nix distros out there, but hopefully we can make sure its working for the most common ones.
Thanks for letting us know about the problem,