Adding required steps to deployment processes

Is it possible to create steps that will automatically be executed in all deployment processes (across all projects?) For example, I want to have a step that must be executed prior to advancing to the production lifecycle phase in all projects. Is this possible?

Alternatively, is it possible to hook into when a promotion step is invoked and execute some custom process prior to continuing with the deployment? For example, when an approver starts a promotion to a production environment, it first calls a separate module which can halt the deployment based on the response.



Thanks for getting in touch with us on this - we have started a feature similar to what you describe, to allow you to ‘bookend’ deployment processes. For the time being though, one would need to make use of Octopus Client to automate updating each project with any ‘pre’ or ‘post’ steps that you need.

This uservoice link may be of interest to you, as you can see it is an extremely popular feature request.

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Thanks for the quick reply! We’ll look into the Octopus Client. Thanks again.

No problem! Let me know if you have any queries about it.

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