Adding custom text/announcement in Octopus front page

HI team,

wondering if there is any way how to make Octopus main page showing pop up ir announcement with text inside the page, about the scheduled downtime of octopus for upgrade. Since we have a lot of users, we kind of dont want to keep sending emails to all of them and spamming, but upon logging in to octopus, that they would see the announcement. Any way to modify code somewhere something to add/edit the page manually? I know it’s not something that octopus supports, just the maintenance mode which is not what we need a this point.


Hi there,

Thanks for getting in touch. That’s not currently possible, but its a very good idea. So good I even logged it myself in Uservoice:

Could you please drop by and add some votes to it? I can totally see this one getting implemented if enough users vote for it.

Best regards,

Cheers Dalmiro. Added some votes!