Add environment group/type


We hare 7 production, 12 LP and 35 QA environments, so when i add a new variable or want to scope something to QA only, I have to scope for 35 environments. If a add a new environment I need to re-scope over 1000 vars to also target the new environment.

Could we please add another level like Environment type or group, so I could scope to a group and later on dynamic add more environments to the group without the need to re-scope everything.


Thanks for reaching out. As you know already, grouping environments like that is not possible at the moment. Not everything is bad new though: In 3.4 we’ll introduce Multi-Tenancy which will allow you to scope variables to groups of tenants, which is pretty similar to what you are trying to do. More info about this:

So instead of having to add your 34 environments to the variable scope, you’ll simply tag those environments with the same tag and then scope the variable to this tag. If you ever need to add a new environment, you’ll just need to tag it properly and the variable will work for it.

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