AD not working

I’ve setup Octopus Deploy to use AD logins, and configured a container as seen on other posts, but members of my groups still cannot log in. I don’t see any errors in the log. How best can I troubleshoot this?

Is there any staff dedicated to supporting paid customers?

Hi Jeff,

Thanks for getting in touch and sorry for the delay here. Lets get right into some questions for the troubleshooting:

  1. How did you setup Octopus to use the AD login? From the configuration wizard after the installation or from the cmd line using Octopus.server.exe?

  2. Is the server where you are running Octopus joined to the domain where you have your group? Or are you trying to login from a group that’s on a domain trusted by the one where your server is at?

  3. Does the login work for any user if instead of adding it through an AD group, you add it directly with their AD account to an Octopus team?

  4. Could you explain a bit more what configurations you made regarding containers? Ideally these should not be changed, as Octopus will use the same as the server it was installed on. If you could point us to the posts where you saw how to make these changes, that’ll help.

Our staff is dedicated to all our incoming tickets. We triage them based on urgency and we try to help as much as we can, regardless of the edition of the customer.

Again sincere apologies for the delay. i’ll be looking forward to your reply.

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  1.   Command line after installation
  2.   Yes – it’s on the correct domain.
  3.   I was able to add a user from AD manually, yes.  However, the groups he belongs to have various roles assigned, but he doesn’t seem to be able to do those actions.
  4.   See copy of email from your support (below).

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Hi Jeff,

Is it only those teams or everyone? We have found that customers having AD problems, defining the AD container helps resolve these issues:

Warm Regards,

Vanessa Love
Octopus Deploy

Hi Jeff,

From what I understand of your first post and the emails you exchanged with Vanessa, the user was inside of an AD group, and he wasn’t able to log into Octopus at all (you said “They just get sent back to the login page over and over”). Now, from your latest post i understand that the user is able to login. Is this correct?

If you’d like, we could get in touch over skype to troubleshoot this live while you share your screen. Would tomorrow at 1pm (UTC) be a good time?

my skype username is dalmirogranias



Yes, that sounds good, thanks.

Thank you,
Jeff Denman

For whatever reason, AD seems to be working as expected this morning. I don’t believe we need to skype today.


Jeff Denman


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Hi Jeff,

Glad to hear that!