ActiveDirectory Groups in trusted domain not available for Teams

All of our servers are in different, trusted domain [SERVERDOMAIN]. This includes our Octopus server.

Our users are able to successfully login with userdomain\user without any problems. However, I cannot leverage the new AD Groups feature for teams for groups inside of that trusted domain [USERDOMAIN] (where our users are). I cannot search or pick those groups. Is there any work around?


Thanks for reporting this issue!

It does indeed look like a bug with Octopus and AD.
Unfortunately we do not have or know of a workaround for this.

I have created an issue in GitHub which you can track here:


I have come across this issue too running version 3.2.22. I’m not sure if this was resolved or not.

Hi Kristofer,

No, it is not resolved. We will be looking at it for 3.5 when we implement OAuth.