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Hi Team,

We are doing the setup the octopus deploy with Active directory. The scenario is below


We have installed the octopus deploy in ABC domain. For Active directory enable We have done below required options from settings to enable the active directory login with ABC domain user to octopus deploy. PFA the settings :

Now, in the TEAM section created a new team say admin and add the active directory group in it (example of the active directory group it test-admin-L3)

Here , the problem is when I am adding the individual user (say user name tanmoy) from that active directory group individually in the add user section with active directory login . user i.e tanmoy can able to login with his ABC domain credential but team wise other members who belongs to the test-admin-L3 group but not adding individually in the add user section by active directory login unable login. Means user belongs to the active directory group test-admin-L3 unable to login until unless I add the individual user with active directory login like below.

Please advise.

Hi @om.joysaha,

Thank you for contacting Octopus Support.

It looks like you need to set up your teams with AD group mapping. This will enable users to be automatically added to a team once they log in.

For convenience, here is our documentation on this:

You may also want to consider enabling automatic user creation as well, unless you want to control the creation of new Octopus accounts.

More on this here:

If you have any additional questions or concerns, please let us know.


Hi Donny,

Thanks for your response over here. As I have explained in my earlier post at scenario section that I have followed the same steps to add the active directory group (the document which you have attached here with) .

Here my active directory group is test-admin-L3 in the ABC domain. My octopus deploy app server also is in the same domain . Also the my active directory group test-admin-L3 is added for admin team.

The issue is the users present in the group test-admin-L3 unable to connect to octopus deploy GUI with his ABC domain ID and password .

Regarding the attached knowledge base , I have one query that ,

Octopus Deploy

Automatic user creation - Octopus Deploy

User can be automatically created using some providers.

that if this is enable then octopus will create the local user right? say arnab is not a member of my ad group test-admin-L3 then octopus will create a local user for arnab right ? If this is a case that is not my requirement as my requirement is to connect the octopus deploy with the ad users who are present in my allocated ad group that is test-admin-L3.

Please advise.

Hi Dony,

Thanks for your help over here. As per your advise , I have done the configuration again step by step and it seems that working perfectly.

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Hi @om.joysaha,

Thank you for getting back to me. Iā€™m glad to hear you got it working.

If we can assist with anything else, please let us know.


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