Active Directory authentication issue


I’m trying to move across to AD authentication and it doesn’t seem to work as I would expect. I’ve added a couple of AD groups to different Teams but when a user logs in they doesn’t get put into the Team. They are able to login and do go into the EVERYONE Team.

I’m using Octopus v3.0.8, I’ve double checked that the test users are in the AD groups assigned to the Teams but it doesn’t seem to check the AD groups a user has at logon.


Hi Richard,

Thanks for reaching out. The first time a user logs in, a user is created for them in Octopus, which can be seen on Configuration -> Users. The Everyone group will always contain all the users inside of Users.

When you use and AD group on a team, only the AD group will be seen on it, and not every single user inside of the group. Still, the users inside of the AD group should be getting the permissions set by the team.

Now the important question is: Are the users inside of your AD groups DivisionalRole-Results-Dev-DenyPll and DivisionalRole-Results-Dev-AllowPll actually getting the expected permissions when they log in?



Yes they do… :slight_smile:

Sorry about that. Thanks for your help.

No problem :wink: