Active Directory authentication configuration parameters

Hello All,

We are in process of decomissioning one of our old Active Directory Domain controllers and it seems like Octopus is relying solely on that server for Active Directory authentication despite there being 4 other servers to choose from

If we disable/turn off that server, OD seems to lose its ability to authenticate users.

How can we perform a manual AD setup - specifying which servers to look at, what users to authenticate as for user lookups, etc… like almost every other service offers?


Hi Jon,

Thanks for reaching out. Sorry to hear you are having issues with AD authentication. Unfortunately there is no way in Octopus to point to specific domain controllers.
This issue sounds like it could be caused by an issue with the DNS server the Octopus Server is using, i.e if the Octopus Server is using a DNS server that is no longer available, such as the AD server that has been disable/turn off, then it wont be able to discover the other DC’s. It’s worth checking to make sure that the DNS server record on the Octopus Server is correct and up to date.
You could also try running the following command on the Octopus Server to see if it is connecting to an active/online domain controller.
nltest /sc_query:<DomainName>

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