Acquire packages before anything else

The documentation hints there is an easy way to do this (

That also would suggest there is a less easy way to do this. I’m looking for a way to do this without having to manually confirm something, I just want the acquiring to happen before anything else.

Are there options to do this easily? I can of course force this to happen by fake deploying something, but that seems quite hacky.

Hi JP,

Thanks for reaching out! Actually there isn’t a “less easy” way to do this :).

You don’t really need that manual intervention step. You could simply have the below and it should work:

  • Acquire packages
  • Deploy package A
  • Deploy package B
  • Run another script
  • Deploy package C

Please let me know if this makes sense for your question. I sense there’s something I might not be understanding, so apologies for that in advance!


Hi Dalmiro,

Thanks for your response. I omitted the reason why indeed, and this particular deployment has multiple steps without any package that stops services, application pools and a remote client.

Sometimes I switch these off, depending on the deployment, but generally I want everything to be shut off before actually deploying, for this particular app.

This works great, but it only starts acquiring the packages after everything has been shut off, while I’d want the packages to be acquired before so after stopping it can start right away with the deployment.

The deployment process, somewhat loosely:

  • Stop application pool
  • Stop services
  • Stop remote client
  • Acquire packages (this would need to become #1)
  • Deploy and start services
  • Deploy and start app pool
  • Deploy and start remote client

Hope this clears it up


It does help clearing things up. Thanks!

You should be able to do this if you set all the non-package-deploy steps to “Wait for packages to be downloaded before running”, which is a checkbox right next to the “save” button in each step’s config (see attached screenshot)

I took the job to create a mock deployment similar to yours to show you a screenshot of how It should look like.

Let me know if that helps,

That was super simple, cheers!
Just confirmed it on a deployment here.

Can’t believe I missed that one, oh well :wink: